Monday, March 29, 2010

La's Lucy's DIAMOND Effort

I guess you can get jaded at times with all the distance power that the DQ Williams Kennel brings in each and every start. Or maybe I'm just spoiled that they send in a ton of talent to their kennel here on the Jacksonville Racing Circuit and most of us have come accustom to them winning and dominating races over the extended routes.

From Daddysgonafishin, to Golddust Memory, to Stopable Derrick, to Brother Mind, to Let's Play Fair, to Running Starlite, to Santa's Playgirl, to two time All-American Penny Candy, you expect them to obliterate the competition, but their newest entry La's Lucy did something in her last start that none of these big names have accomplished.

La's Lucy (Get Over - Ruby Is The Best) broke from the 8 box on Saturday Evening 3/27/2010 and took quick command of the race. She drove thru the early turn and breezed clear of the field and coasted all the way around the racetrack on the front end. She was never in question and make it look easy. She even beat the 2010 Orange Park Derby winner, Eds Budby, in the process, but that is not what made this effort so special. It was the time that she put up! You see La's Lucy clocked a 37.06 run.

No one in the last couple of years has even come close to the 37.00 barrier and to get within a length of it, really mean something. It means she was flay out flying in this race!

The last greyhound to get close, well that would be the current 770 yard track record holder Gil's Cuero. He posted up the same 37.06 second romp just over 3 years ago on 3/16/2007. In that race he won by 13 lengths and dominated from the get go.

Previous to that you would have to go deep in the archives and get back to the other surface and greyhounds from the past. Jams Alex would be the one to take that away. He ran 36.92 and 39.96 back in 1993. (Thanks for the INFORMATION JIMMY!)

So even though La's Lucy tied the best in the past three years, she had the fastest time in the last 17 years overall.

Currently the track record is held by Hobby Helper who's 36.73 second run is totally impressive and has stood since 1989.

Congratulations head out to the DQ Williams Kennel, Owner Sharon L. Williams, Trainer David Helton, and everyone else connected with this tremendous greyhound. Continued success and did I mention that yes this is another fantastic greyhound out of GET OVER!

Wake up people and breed to him, he throws a ton of grade A's, stakes entries, stakes winners, and very fast greyhound. Ok, done plugging. LOL!

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