Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday 3-9-11 Thoughts

In the Matinee it was nice to see Gs Tee Up to get back winning. The son of our AA Afleet Alex, this guy can get it done over 550 and 660. Good that he is back in A.

Also watch out for the rising star Go Penske Go. This puppy has posted up back to back wins in grade A and has got it done from off the pace in both efforts. Rising at the right time, keep an eye out for this pup.

Wednesday evening's 7th race was another win for SNJ Ginger! This puppy has reallyt taken off and has been running really tough in grade A for awhile now! He too could be a sleeper in the upcoming stakes.

The one to beat for the title will be the new record holder, Paddy Whacker. His win on Wed Eve was nothing but exceptional. This greyhound had no shot of a win from the 1 box as he broke last, but somehow he turned it around. With trouble ahead, he bolted thru the far turn and seized command in the stretch. WHAT A RACE!

Distance starts Power Exhange and Kiowa Deli Dee both got back on track with strong wins and look like that are returning into form. Watch out 660 fields here they come!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whacking The Track Record

Wow what an effort by Paddy Whacker as he won by 8.5 lengths and posted up a new track record in the process.

 That 30.11 second run was the best ever and it came as he broke 7th at the start of the race. 

What a great talent who looks on a mission to try and capture his 2nd stakes title in the upcoming 2011 Jacksonville Sprint Classic.

Congrats B & J Racing and Doug and Lisa Riches!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Race Break Down for 2011 Orange Park Derby

Saturday night at the Orange Park Kennel Club is not only the finals of the 2011 Orange Park Derby, but it is also our Pick A WINNER promotion. Come out and select the winner of the Orange Park Derby, place your entry in the color coded box, and if you greyhounds win, you could be a winner. Ten names will be drawn from the winner's box for $250 each. So come on out for the fun, stay for the race and prizes as you might just get a chance at some of the $2,500 in cash we will be giving away.

Well no matter what you will need to know about the stakes and we are ready to fill you in. The finals of the 2011 Orange Park Derby will run in the 11th race on the card for Saturday Evening and feature the best greyhounds at the racetrack over 660 yards. Below is a little info about each greyhounds and a race breakdown.
1. La's Lucy (Get Over - Ruby Is The Best) Lucy couldn't have draw it up any better than this. She is on top of her game now, she can win with or without the lead, and she is in a great starting box. All she has to do is come out fast, stalk the pace throughout, and this race should be hers to lose. Remember no one in the last 14 years has been faster over 660 yards than LUCY!
2. Akeem (Rhythmless - Sweet Darla) Akeem might be a converted sprinter, but he has taken well to the added distance. He loves the rail and the 2 box will go a long way to help him out in this effort. He can close a bit at the end of the race too, but the break will be more critical for him in this effort. If he wants a chance to steal away the win, he has to be really close early on.
3. Really Xtreme (Afleet Alex - Xtreme Hustler) No greyhound has been more impressive as of late than Really Xtreme. Over the 660 yard course he has been short though, so he is going to have to Really steal a big time lead in this race. He held on the front end in round 1, can he do it again? In this race he reminds me of another Mike Gerard trained greyhound, named Sugarnooche, and if you remember she won her Orange Park Derby race.
4. Make U Look (Diamond's For Me - Let's Run To Win) The hottest greyhounds heading into the finals gets no time to rest on her laurels. She has to keep up the good work against this talented field. Proving that she belongs, this converted sprinter is a closing threat over 660 and is just learning how to break. If she does clear close in this effort, she might just prove unstoppable at the wire.
5. Kanuka (Fuzzys Cannon - Well Chosen) Didn't win a race in qualifying, but maybe she is saving her best for last. I think this is going to be a tough row to hoe for this greyhound tonight. When she runs her best she is out of the box fast and holds on late. Tonight she is not the best early speed, she gets the 5 box, and has to find a way to the rail. If she can overcome all of the obstacles, she might have a shot at the money in this race.
6. Paddy Whacker (Heart Rumble* - Spicy Candy) Won his last effort from this post position by 12 lengths. Everyone knows he loves it outside and gets far enough outside here to challenge. His last race was big time as he closed throughout and overcame adversity to finish 2nd. Tonight the break is the most important part of this effort. He needs to be out fast and around the conversation for the early lead. If he is stalking at the start, he is going to be a major piece of the puzzle come the finish line.
7. Gs Tee Up (Afleet Alex - Gm's Peachykeen) Tee Up might not get the hype that the rest of the big names do, but he has been just as good over the 660 yard course. He has never missed the money in any of his added distance races, and tonight from the outside post the trend should continue. He uses his early speed to his advantage over the route and will need to keep breaking in order to factor here. He has everything working for him at the start of this effort, he just need a carpe diem moment.
8. Hallo My Pear (Hallo West Acre - Kiowa Chil Cavel) Pear is an all out early speed greyhound that needs to be in front in this effort. She is short at the end of the race and without the lead, it could be a long, long night. Pear has the most experience of any greyhound in this field, and knows how to win races. He didn't record one in qualifying, but in the past the O'Donnell has won final round races with greyhounds that have squeaked their way into the big race. Winning is probably a stretch, but if he does what he can do early, he might have a shot at the money.
Ok now for the race break down. As the lure swings by I think that Really Xtreme is going to come out running. I see this greyhound taking the lure away from the rest of the field. He is going to steal a big time lead and stretch to out all the way to the far turn. His problem as I see it is that the chasers are going to be coming, and coming fast at the end of the race. The only real question is, can he steal enough to hold on at the wire, or is he going to get caught in the final few strides? I think he gets nipped. I think that La's Lucy is just posted up too well on the rail and will be too close too early not to get it done. She definitely has the late speed to take down the leader and in their last match up she shrank an 8 length lead to a length and a half at the finish line. As the only returning finalist, she wants to make amends for her effort in the finals last year. She does whatever she needs to do in this race to win. Paddy Whacker should also be considered a threat in this effort. He loves it outside and the 6 box is far wide enough for him to put up a big time effort. He can close over this distance, but if he wants to win, he is going to have to break. He has to be around in the conversation early if he is going to have a shot at taking home the title. B & J has won this race in 2 of the last 4 years. Don't be surprised if he is ready to fire on this occasion. Gs Tee up gets the other look here as the greyhound with the perfect record. Tee Up has never missed the money over 660 yards and should keep the good mojo going in this effort. He likes it outside and draws a favorable post position here in the 7 box. His early speed keeps him around the lead and late, even though he can be short, he has enough left to last in the money. If he can make the front end, he could be the longshot of the day. (1-3-6-7) PLAYS for boxes, PLAYS for keys (13/13/2467) (2467/13/13) (2467/13/2467) (2467/2467/13)
Remember to make you plans to join us live for all of the racing and cash giveaways, or check the stream out on line to see who the best of the best at the racetrack is over 660 yards, in the finals of the 2011 Orange Park Derby. POST TIME around 10:30.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Just one Round Left

Three fourths of the 2011 Orange Park Derby is in the books and Really Xtreme, Akeem, and La's Lucy share the top spot with 40 points each.

Advantage Xtreme as Lucy and Akeem have to run against each other in the Semi-Finals, which take place in the 9th and 11th race on the card for tonight.

The rest of the points are spread out a bit and if a longshot takes home the top spot in either round, he/she might still have a shot to make it into the elite eight for Saturday Evening at the Orange Park Kennel Club.

Tune in as 11 of the 16 contestants left in the stakes have won at least one round so far. These two races are going to be some knock down drag out affairs.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Orange Park Derby Round 2

The B & J Kennel has taken the track by storm in the Orange Park Derby. They are the only ones left with an undefeated greyhound, and they have two.

Paddy Wacker, whacked another field with his shillelagh and was 12 lenghts better than the competition. Ethel's Pick took her second straight one box and made the most of it as she posted up the quickest trip on the card in 37.34 seconds.

Other winners, 2 from DQ, La's Lucy and Akeem, both from off the pace, and two Afleet Alex pups from different litters. Really Gonnarock and Gs Tee Up both to the lead and both by about 6 lengths.

Action continues on Friday evening with 3 races in the quarterfinals.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Orange Park Derby Round 1

This weekend we had some great stakes racing action and the big names showed up too.

Paddy Whacker saved his best run over the distance for the 1st round of the stakes. His first 660 wins came in the quickest trip of the night. Watch out for him in the next couple of rounds. This stakes winner, has the skills and might have just found the desire again.

Really Xtreme looked sharp too after some rough trips over the 660 yard course. His big difference was his break. Once in front he stole a ton on the lead and survived at the wire for the win. Tough to say if he is looking short over the route, or if it was just a great run byu veteran La's Lucy in the stretch. Time will tell.

Kiowa Deli Dee still looks like the one to beat. She has not missed a beat since coming back to action and currently she has won 10 of her last 11 starts over 660, including that run of 8 straight. She is a machine on the lead and keeps breaking on top. She is going to be tough to beat in this stakes.

Other notes, naughty Lorna's Cannon too much playing around got her escorted out of the stakes rounds, and Dutch Buckeye fell in round 1, look for a him to seek revenge in this effort.

Round two tonight, tune in and watch.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Orange Park Derby Contest

The Orange Park Derby is coming up on Friday, so let's start a contest.
Pick your 8 finalist, the winner, and the winning time for a tie breaker.

The person with the most right, wins a tshirt and hat.